5 Things to Prevent Mold - restoration

Untreated mold can be so hazardous that it can destroy your home entirely. The easiest way to avoid the damaging effects of the mold is to prevent the mold to grow in your house in the first place. Here are 5 things you can do to prevent mold from growing:



You need to maintain the humidity levels between 30% to 50% to avoid its negative impact on your health and home. Below 30%, you will start experiencing skin or other allergies, cracks in the house, shrinking of the material, etc. Above 50%, mold will start growing and building material tends to swell. You can measure the humidity level at your home by using a hygrometer tool.


Keep It Dry

Prevention of mold growth is only possible by keeping your house dry. Active water leakage increases the humidity and rampantly grows mold. You must not delay any repairs to maintain the humidity levels. Thus, plumbing, appliances, and heating should be inspected regularly for repair. Foundations, windows, doors, and hose bibs should be inspected for cracks. Roof, vent pipes, the chimney should be inspected for proper inspection and insulation. You also need to check your basement for waterproofing.



For a dry and healthy home, proper ventilation is vital inside your home. Without sufficient ventilation, there is a perfect environment for the growth of mold in your house. When moist air that comes from bathing, cooking, breathing, and eating doesn’t find its way out, it results in mold growth.


Gutters, Downspouts, and Slopes

Your gutters and downspouts help to keep the water outside and keep your foundations dry. But, you need to regularly inspect your gutters for clogging and downspouts to be placed distantly from your house foundations. Regularly clean all openings, especially after springs when the leaves tend to block the gutters and downspouts resulting in debris. When the drains are working properly the water can escape easily and there is the least chance for the moisture to set in the house.

A landscape scope may result in flooding your basement in heavy rain. If driveway slopes are inclined towards your home that can become the pathways for water to flow into your basement. You can seek professional guidance regarding how to prevent water to drive into your basement from a sloppy drive or landscape. An easy way to observe a slope is by looking at the level of the ground and your home from a distance.



Hiring a professional water damage mold restoration company in Alabama of your drainage system, gutters, downspouts, and foundations will help you encounter cracks, unwanted openings, and blockages. A professional team will not only inspect, restore, and remediate your home from things that are leading mold to grow but also give you important insights to prevent mold from coming back in the future.

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