Three Common Reasons Why Frozen Pipes Burst - restoration

Water pipe bursting is common in the winters and there are three common reasons why this happens. Let’s see why frozen water pipes burst:


Increased Air Pressure

The pipes burst in winter, not because of ice or frozen water but the air pressure. When the air in your water pipes is pressurized between the tap and the ice, it results in a rupturing of your pipe. The pipes that burst are either indoors but in an area without heating or not insulated properly.

Non-insulated pipes are insecure as there is no layer of protection against bursting or freezing. Insulation prevents the temperature of the outside to affect the temperature inside the pipes quickly. If you are living in an area where the cold temperature is rare then you do not need insulation in pipes. The more quickly the temperature within the pipe gets cold, the quicker the water gets freeze and exerts pressure on the pipe and pipe joints. When this pressure becomes overwhelming and cannot be absorbed, the pipes burst.

In unheated areas, indoor pipes burst because the houses aren’t insulated properly from the top of the roofs to the bottom in foundations. If there is an attic or crawl space that is unheated and uninsulated, a long time exposure to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower can lead to a pipe rapture.


Unsecured Pipes

Your water pipes might be unsecured and this might cause bursting of pipes. The common way to find that your pipes are unsecured and can be broken is a clanging sound that can be heard when water moves through your pipes. If you won’t take it seriously, water pipes will rupture any day causing the water to flood inside your home. It happens because of the blocked valves when the high-pressure water has no way to flow freely in the pipe. The loud banging noise results from the air pressure which is generated as the moving water bounce off the valve and quickly fills the air pockets.


External Factors

Some factors like earthquakes or shifting of the ground might cause a water pipe rapture. You can experience a shift in the soil around your house if you have vegetation or trees around your house that absorb a lot of water. The shift in the soil can jostle your water pipe loss through stress and strain. Mine subsidence is not a common reason for pipe rapture but it can make your pipes less stable.



To avoid your water pipes from bursting in the winter, never leave your faucet dripping during cold. It is important to maintain a normal temperature at your home and cover the areas of indoor pipes with heating. You must ensure that your water pipes are properly insulated and secured. If you should contact professional water damage restoration services in Alabama for pipe insulation, sealing the wall or foundation cracks, protecting water lines, and restoration in an unfortunate event of a frozen pipe burst.


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