Why Mold May Come Back After Remediation? - restoration

Unquestionably mold is a hazardous substance that is dangerous to your health. Particularly black mold found in your home risks the health of the family. You may fear that the mold will come back after removal. To put it simple, it all depends upon the quality of remediation and inspection. You must not take it lightly and seek professional service for mold removal as soon as you find it out. A half-finished job may have serious consequences and merely solve the problem. To avoid mold from coming back after remediation here are things you must know:

Eliminate Moisture

Moisture works as the “food supply” for the mold. You cannot stop mold from coming back if you cannot eliminate the moisture in the area. Mold can live anywhere and for many years. Mold colonies are reproduced when spores attach to something. It takes just a day or two for a mold to grow. The reproduction and growth of mold depend on moisture. Mold can thrive even in the slightly damp area as there are endless options of food sources; like, soil or old logs. It can even nourish the dust or dirt on your wood panel. That’s why mold will come back after the removal if there is a source of moisture or dust in the area.

Ignoring or Missing Out the Original Source

Bleach or other substances might be effective but if you fail to encounter the original source of mold, it will always come back. The reason why cleaning with bleach may not be as effective as you expect is that the mold lurks deep within the area, while you clean up the surface only. After remediation, you should ensure that the area is free from moisture.

Professional Inspection and Removal

Mold is usually found in areas that cannot be seen or smelled. Even when the mold is visible, its tiny part appears on the surface. A professional inspection and remediation are required to make sure that the deep lurks of the mold are found and removed. The quality of cleaning and restoration of the mold determines the likelihood of a mold coming back. If you hire a professional team to eliminate the mold and its source; they will handle the inspection and remediation rigorously to prevent it from coming back. The professional team will also take care of the crawl spaces and elimination of the moisture sources.


At home, mold is dangerous for your health and your family. In your office or business site, it is a liability to eliminate anything that can risk the health of your employees. You must take it seriously by hiring a Professional Mold Restoration Services in Alabama.

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