Why Your Basement Leaks After a Heavy Rain? - restoration

Several factors may result in water leaking into your basement after heavy rainfall. Your basement is the lowest-lying area and gravity propels the rainwater to move there. But, proper functioning of the drains, gutters, and downspouts will prevent your basement from flooding. Although, in heavy rain, there is still a chance of flooding in the basement. This can result in damaging your home foundation, especially if there are cracks that act as a tunnel for the rainwater. Let’s see why flooding occurs in your basement when it rains heavily and it is so destructive:


Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic Pressure refers to the rainwater’s gravitational pressure during or after the rain. When it rains and groundwater levels rise the water leaks into your basement via open holes or cracks. Your basement is like a boat and due to gravity the water easily runs down to your basement if the drains, gutters, and downspouts are not in proper working condition. If you don’t address this issue immediately the water collected around the foundations of your property will start to exert pressure.


Lateral Pressure

Lateral Pressure refers to the expansion of soil around your house that exerts pressure on its foundations. It can seriously damage foundations when the soil expansion results in water leakage in your basement. Heavy rain can dramatically increase the lateral pressure. It also depends on the absorbency of the surface and how compact is your soil.


Cove Joints, Window Wells and Foundation

During heavy rainwater can get through the cove joints. Cove joint is the area where your basement floor meets the wall. Water can easily find a way into your basement via cracks or gaps in your low-lying basement windows. Cracks in your foundations may allow the water to form pathways inside the basement.


Gutters, Downspout, and Slope

Never leave your gutters clogged to let the rainwater flow through, otherwise, it will spill over sides and enter the cracks or holes in the foundations. The function of a gutter is to carry water away from the home but a clogged gutter cannot perform its function properly. The downspout shouldn’t be placed too close to the house foundations to avoid water from sliding into the basement. Driveway slopes can also create a way for water to access your basement if it slopes towards your house.



As soon as the problem occurs, you must call professional water cleanup & restoration service in Alabama to avoid any damage to the integrity of your house structure and foundations. A professional team will restore your basement to its former state, make sure there are no cracks or holes to let the rainwater settle in the foundations. They will also find a way to avoid flooding during heavy rain in the future.

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